50+ VPS/VDS Servers

Across 25 Regions in 5 Countries.

Advanced Security

with AES Encryption ipsumre

with AES Encryption ipsumre

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What Is TehnicHost?

Tehnichost is a small company in Romania that offers online hosting services at a great price, and also with very good protection through the OVH and Voxility company.

Our products are at an incredible speed and do everything in their power to satisfy you in the true sense of the word.

DDoS Protection

Layer 7 Atack

TCP Atack

UDP Atack

What We Can Do

SSH Access

We offer you unlimited access to your server.

DDos Protection

We have a very intelligent protection system based on cisco.

Dedicated Resources

We offer you dedicated resources at an extremely low price.

Pricing Plan

Included in Every Package

  • AES Encryption
  • Easily Change Plan Options
  • Full protocol support
  • Multiple Device Support
  • Increased Privacy Protection
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Safe and Secure Browsing
  • Block Online Threats